"So what positive ideas does “Generation Y” stand for? It turns out that 20- and 30-somethings are looking for more than just a job. They want work that is meaningful and consistent with their socially and environmentally responsible values. They’re disaffected, to be sure, but that disaffection conceals a drive toward more caring, compassionate relationships and away from materialism."

Ma vidéo pour l’année 2012!

Just because I got a call from Paris last night…

Just because I got a call from Paris last night…

"It’s true what they say. Here in the Philippines, we see the darkness of poverty and injustice, of numerous and frightful massacres every single day. It haunts us; it scares the world for it is all over the news, but then again, much more than these, there is also the luminosity of hope and the endless generosity of the poor that makes all the negativity seem like petty problems. These practical problems are nothing when compared to something so honest and lifting, and honestly, I would like to believe that it is these two that make us so much better than any other first world country there is. Here, the everyone helps everyone else. The poor, out of their lacking, help their fellow poor, and I know that there is no generosity nor love for the other that exists more purely than that."

As inspired by Sobrino’s Awakening from the Sleep of Inhumanity

"There can be no deep disappointment where there is not deep love."

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Puerto Princesa, Palawan 

19-21 October 2012

Bonfire 2012

And right then and there, in that field behind Irwin, near St. Ignatius’ statue, with the stories, the laughs, the drinks, the gagging around, the singing, and the stargazing… it felt like Champ de Mars all over again.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Philippines. 

21 September 2012 with Ryan, Cam, Renan, Alyssa, Jan, Philippe, Stephane, Thibault, Aux, François and a few others that we bumped into during the night! Bienvenue à Manille, mes amis!

28 Septembre 2012: Avec Philippe, Thibault, Cam et Matthieu.